Monday, December 9, 2013

Pierre on Facebook

     Some of the things that we lack in War and Peace (as a text) are pictures, songs, and videos. One of the ways I used Facebook was to post real time images and songs to go along with the action in War and Peace. I did this mostly through Pierre's "Vignettes of My Life." As I was reading I would choose a phrase or passage and try to find an image that I thought would enhance, complement, and/or depict the words (or sometime I found the image then the words). I also decided that it would be a fun challenge to use only photos that I personally had taken (or was in). I also feel that by only using my personal photos I was able to show that images from a 21st century unpredictable teenage life can actually pair nicely with ideas and themes in Pierre's life or more broadly War and Peace (after all this class is called Reading War and Peace in the 21ST CENTURY). I did very intentionally try to make the photos free of modern technology. I also thought that Pierre would definitely be the kind of guy to post something like a simple vignette with quite sentimental yet vague words. The text of the vignettes was usually a paraphrase or modification or something Pierre or the narrator said. The vignettes were also concise, which is not something we get much of in War and Peace, but something quite characteristic of Facebook. 
     In a couple of my statuses I included a song, which I tried to make representative of what I was posting about. In terms of the nature of my statuses, I thought that Pierre would likely be somewhat aloof, sentimental, and formal on Facebook. I did comment on some other people's statuses, but mostly in ways that were somewhat distant or expressed some underlying inner turmoil, characteristic of our dear Pierre. Most of all, Pierre is a fabulous character in War and Peace and I hoped to make his portrayal on Facebook fabulous in the fashion of Pierre. 

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  1. And you did, Brianna. Pierre made me smile on a daily basis.