Friday, December 13, 2013

Natasha Rostova on Facebook

I had a lot of fun with this project. When I created the account for Natasha, my intention was to catalogue all her relationships throughout the novel. This proved to be far too ambitious. There were too many to do, and Facebook isn't really made for adding relationship history, as I tried to do by putting the anniversary in the past. Dates were probably the biggest problem for me, since fb doesn't allow you to say your birth year is in the 1790s. I think it was Ashleigh who suggested we use 2013 as 1813, and do the dates from there. That was why, when Natasha was "in a relationship" with Boris, the anniversary was 2003.
I tried to make all my comments and posts exuberant, like Natasha was early in the book. I used a lot of exclamation points and hearts (<3) to convey her emotion. I really enjoyed the animosity between Natasha and Andrew's father, while it lasted. I think that in the close quarters of Facebook, the two of them would have butted heads far more often than in the book.
I did my best to make Natasha come across as excited and emotional, almost to the point of being childish. I think that Tolstoy did the same thing in War and Peace, because by showing us such a youthful character at the beginning, her transformation at the end is far more pronounced.
I think that this project could have been a lot more fun if we had started it at the beginning, because we would have been able to keep the timelines right. When we did it, everything got mixed up and we had things like deaths in the wrong order (I think Natasha was still engaged to Andrew when he died...awkward).


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  2. Stella--
    You are right! This project would work better if we started in the beginning. Still it was fun, and I enjoyed reading you as Natasha.