Monday, December 9, 2013

Nicholas in real world

I made this title in the reason of my psych book “psychology in real world”. Since I remembered, at the beginning of the semester, my psych professor told us that if you really wanted to know about psychology, you needed to put it into the real world. I think it is the same truth as we can see in War and Peace: if we really want to get to know, to understand, not just get acquainted with those characters, we should put them in the real world. Setting up Facebook for our characters gives me a precious chance to understand them in reality. I have to admit that Tolstoy gives vivid description of my character Nicholas in both his relationship and war career. However, for a long time, when we are reading, our minds are always under the manipulation of Tolstoy. It is exciting for me that this time I can jump out of a Frame called “Tolstoy’s opinion” and label my Nicholas in my own volition. I used to treat Nicholas as the most determined person in War and Peace: he insisted on his deep love for Sonya and great passion for the Emperor. Nevertheless, he changes all these factors which previously were most stable in his life in the progression of the plotline. I find that I really miss the little Nicholas who is lovably immature and unlimitedly energetic to do whatever he thinks is right. I also want to figure out what is the significance of the present characterization for my character Nicholas.
I do not deliberately make any plan for my portrayal. But to address my question, when I am reading the present Nicholas, I myself will play the previous Nicholas at the same time to see the disparity and huge change. So you see I go back to Sonya to express my care for her while I get married with Marya. Sometimes, I tend to be emotional: the fog reminds me of the little Nicholas, so I call him back to play his patriotism again.

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