Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Why Natasha and Pierre could be perfect for each other

I have been doing a lot of thinking about Natasha and Pierre's characters and personalities lately. While they may have quite a few differences, my overly romantic mind cannot help but think they would be perfect together. I know I briefly mentioned this during class on Tuesday, but I would like to elaborate further on why:
One of the defining characteristics of both Natasha and Pierre is their impulsive spontaneity, which drives them (on more than one occasion) to make very irrational decisions. While pairing two people with this mindset may seem like a recipe to open up an entirely new book of problems, I choose to hope putting together these two passionate people would satisfy each's desire for love, meaning, and importance.
Another bonding factor these two characters have is the experiences they have gone through. Two strike my mind in particular: Firstly, both Natasha and Pierre have undergone a quick whirlwind of religious transformation (or epiphany, whichever you care to classify it as), and secondly, both Natasha and Pierre are now living with the humiliating gossip and mocking of the many aristocrats that condemn their romantic situations. Pierre's sudden obsession with the Freemasonry and Natasha's recent change into her "better," more religious self show readers that they are both looking for more from life--perhaps they could find it in each other?  Additionally, while Pierre has always been the sort of fellow to be mocked by others, it arguably has never been quite so bad as after his unfaithful wife helped to make a fool of him. Natasha too, shares the burden of an embarrassing romance: her near elopement with Anatole and broken engagement with Andrew have undesirably brought the public eye of disapproval upon herself.
Perhaps both characters are too spontaneous for love to ever work out in their favor, but who knows; a girl can dream, can't she?


  1. I'm personally not quite as confident as you in their potential compatibility, but I definitely think that they do have some chance! ...especially due to the similarity you pointed out in religious thought and spontaneity. Another thing that I think gives Natasha and Pierre potential is revealed in one of Natasha's reactions to Pierre. When Pierre was at the Rostov's after Natasha had begun to recover from her illness and Tolstoy described how Natasha felt that there was a moral barrier between herself and Pierre. One of the things that drew Natasha to Anatole was the lack of a moral barrier between them. Though it seems like Natasha is put off by the moral barrier between her and Pierre, I personally think that it is a sign of respect and honor on the part of Pierre. Pierre could have tried to take advantage of Natasha's post-break up humiliated state and try to make her love him. Instead, he is very respectful of her fragile state and doesn't want her to feel like he is imposing on her. I think that this is another hint at potential for a healthy relationship. Now we just have to wait and see how Natasha feels after she recovers from her traumatic month...

    1. Ha, perhaps I was quite overconfident in the possibility of love. VERRRRY overconfident. Hopefully they can remain good friends though!

  2. I'm not so sure about the romance aspect. Maybe it will happen, maybe it won't. But I think that your points, Liz, definitely lend themselves to suggesting that Pierre and Natasha will be in each other's lives in supporting roles for the rest of the novel. I especially like that you pointed out their embarrassing past/present relationships. I hadn't thought about that aspect before.

  3. Liz, I really like your idea that Pierre and Natasha's religious transformation shows
    their desire for new life. Maybe they can be sort of moral support for each other. But similarities between two people isn't necessarily an advantage for love. Plus Pierre is still married. I'd say there is hope, but not much. Maybe magic will happen for true love?

  4. I like your analysis of their similar experiences. I think they will make a good match because let's face it- opposites don't attract! Pierre and Natasha have compatibility, not many differences to cause problems, and they won't have to compromise their values to adjust to each other. I think they're complimentary to each other and can make it work! Fingers crossed!