Tuesday, November 1, 2011

War and Peace Movie

I thought it would be interesting to watch the movie trailer for one of the first theatrical versions of War and Peace.

One of the things I found interesting about this trailer was its portrayal of Natasha as the main character in the sense that many of the other characters were described in relation to her. I also found it interesting that they left out Nicholas and Mary, who are arguably also main characters. Still, I think it is fun to see a portrayal of this novel, especially in the dance scenes.

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  1. After we finish reading the book I think it would be great to watch this movie and compare it to the actual action of the novel. In my experience, films are not as good as the book they are based upon, but this is supposed to be "the greatest classic". I believe that to appeal to the general public they cut out most of the war scenes and replaced them with dramatic sequences of the "sensual Helene"-type. It was nice watching this, thank you for posting it here.